About Us

We love creating beautiful, functional spaces

It’s our mission to create homes that look and feel inviting by striking a balance between practical living and exceptional taste. In creating or redesigning a client’s space, our team meticulously plan all elements of a home. By undertaking extensive research, we create a home to be proud of.

Balancing innovative ideas with practical execution is the key to creating a unique and comfortable home environment.

Finesse Constructions Qld have over two decades experience delivering high-quality, creative living spaces to Australian families, investors and first-home buyers.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and take an approach to construction that considers how you’ll eventually use the space, not just what it looks like.

We also understand that the finished project is your home, and therefore we take extra care to ensure that every box is ticked along the way. Through unearthing your creative vision and specific expectations for your project, our team are able to deliver consistently exceptional outcomes that represent your ideal living space.

Finesse Constructions Qld specialise in new homes and high-quality renovations and extensions. We value excellence in construction and finishes with flair. If your project requires attention to detail and uncompromising quality, contact Finesse Constructions Qld today.

It’s a man’s woman’s world

Camelia Tarau is made of tough stuff and don’t anyone tell her what she can or can’t do. Immigrating to Australia as a Romanian refugee, Camelia taught herself English at the young age of 12 and has been a go-getter ever since.

As a woman in the male-dominated building sector, Camelia’s point of difference is her fresh approach to construction project management combined with over 20 years of successful business as a professionally trained interior decorator and designer.

“In this industry, being a woman can be an obstacle. Often when I go on-site with my business partner, workmen will approach him as the project manager, when in fact I’ve been the one meeting with clients, getting approvals, outsourcing contractors – everything!

My vision for the construction industry is to break the stereotype and show that for what every man can do, a woman can do it too (if not better!)

As such an important time in people’s lives, I aim to nurture them through the building process but also bring a woman’s attention to detail that can be usually overlooked. What makes us unique is our interior design service that we bring free of charge.”

Our goal: To be the solution to your building dreams

Servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our forward-thinking team of project managers and trade partners are available to consult, design, construct, source and supply everything from new home builds to design and décor, working with you and your end-vision to save you time and money.

Our long history within the industry allows us to collaborate with Queensland’s best architects and suppliers to design creative solutions, solve problems and eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses.